Tips For Taking Great Photos of Pets

Pets are some of the most photogenic subjects you are ever going to find. Who doesn’t love those soulful eyes and adorable faces? But pets move around like crazy, and don’t necessarily sit in one place and smile while you say cheese.

So how do you get great pics of pets? Here are a few tips.

Take the photo manually:

Don’t use those automated pet camera thingies – pets don’t generally look right at those machines. (Those cameras are useful for other purposes thought – like knowing what your dog is up to when you are not around. Here is a list of theĀ best dog cameras, if you are looking for one). When you – a human- is directly behind the camera and interacting with them, that’s when dogs are going to give their best shots.

Bribe them:

Yup, that’s right. Hold a treat in your hand, right near the lens of the camera. Many dogs will focus attentively and stare straight at the treat, and give you that money shot within just a few minutes.

Go down to their level:

Let me state the obvious here – pets are a lot shorter than human beings. So when you take photos of pets from your eye level, they end up looking a little odd in perspective sometimes. So go down to their level – sit on the floor, or kneel, or whatever, and you’ll likely get a much better picture.